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A Joint Programme on Justice and Governance in India and South Asia
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Véronique Bouillier

BOUILLIER, Véronique

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Senior Research fellow (Directeur d’étude) at the CNRS and a social anthropologist, she made her first fieldwork in a hill village in central Nepal. Her dissertation thesis was devoted to the main inhabitants of this village, a sectarian caste made of former renouncers (PhD: To be born a renouncer. A caste of Sannyasi villagers in Nepal). Her following researches in Nepal concerned different cases of interactions between castes and sects, between religion and social structure. She focused later on her study on the relationships between Nepalese kingship and the Saiva ascetic sect of the Nath or Kanphata Yogis. After writing a book on a Nath monastery in southern Nepal, its ritual life and its economic network (1997, Ascetics and Kings), she decided to pursue her studies of the Nath sect in India, and made fieldwork in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Haryana. She currently prepares a book on the monastic organisation of the Nath Yogis in India and the changes recently occurring (in press).
Besides this academic work, she is currently the co-director of the Indo-French Collaboration Programme in Social Sciences and Humanities of the Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris, organising regular scholarly contacts between Indian and French research institutions and research scholars.

Among her publications, those directly relevant to the present project are:
- « L’ascétisme dans le code népalais », Journal asiatique, vol 266, N°1/2, 1978 ;
- « Une secte en forme de caste ? Documents judiciaires du monastère Kanphata Jogi de Caughera (Dang- Nepal) », in Les Ruses du Salut, ed M.L. Reiniche, Paris, 1995 ;
- « Conflits autour d'un monastère de Sannyasi : documents du Kwathando math à Bhaktapur », in Les Habitants du Toit du Monde, Hommage à A.W. Macdonald, eds. P. Sagant et S. Karmay, Nanterre, 1997 ;
- « The Sannyasi monasteries of Patan. A preliminary survey », European Bulletin of Himalayan Research, n° 15, 1998;
- « The royal gift to the ascetics. The case of the Caughera monastery », Studies in Nepalese History and Anthropology, vol. 3, n°2, 1999.