ANR Programme 2009-2013
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A Joint Programme on Justice and Governance in India and South Asia
(Hosted by Centre for Himalayan Studies)

Publication 2015: Special Issue DIOGENES

Starting December 17, 2015 - Ending December 17, 2025

This collection of studies aims to contribute to a better understanding of the relationships between justice and the exercise of power in various societies of Africa, Asia and Europe, by focusing on the interactions between the standards promoted by the state and the effective modalities that are in place for the arbitration of conflicts.


Special Issue of Diogenes, 60 (3-4) [translation of Diogène,239-240]

edited by Daniela Berti and Gilles Tarabout, 2015
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Table of contents:

  • Daniela Berti & Gilles Tarabout, "Introduction. Practices of Justice: Categories, Procedures and Strategies"
  • Deborah Puccio-Den, "Judging the Mafia: Categorization under Law and Moral Economies in Italy (1980–2010)"
  • Sarbani Sen, "The ‘Public Interest’ in India: Contestation and Confrontation before the Supreme Court"
  • Antonio de Lauri, "Between law and customs: Normative interconnections in Kabul’s tribunals"
  • Ranabir Samaddar, "Beyond the Frame of Practical Reason: The Indian Evidence Act and Its Performative Life"
  • Véronique Bouillier, "How Should the Other be Judged? Justice and Cultural Difference in French Assize Courts"
  • Bin Li, "Assessors or Popular Jury? Variations around Citizen Participation in the Chinese Justice System"
  • Daniela Berti, "Local Powers and Judicial Constraints in a Case of Rape in India"
  • Hualing Fu, "Away from Grass-roots? The Irony of the Chinese Rural Legal Service"
  • Maud Saint-Lary, "From Settlement to Divorce: An Islamic Judicial Practice in Burkina Faso"
  • Yazid Ben Hounet, "‘Reconciliation is the foundation!’: Courts of Justice and Unofficial Reconciliation Practices in Algeria and Sudan"
  • Devika Bordia, "The Politics of Custom: Blood Money, Disputes, and Tribal Leadership in Western India"
  • Sally Falk Moore, "Customary Law in One Area of 20th Century Africa: The Chagga of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania"