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A Joint Programme on Justice and Governance in India and South Asia
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Gilles Tarabout


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A social anthropologist specialized in the study of Kerala society (South India), he is Senior Research fellow (Directeur de recherche) at the CNRS. He was attached till 2009 to the Centre for Indian and South Asian Studies (CEIAS, UMR 8564), Paris, before joining and taking the direction of the Research Centre in Comparative Anthropology (LESC, UMR 7186) at University Paris West - Nanterre. For the past twenty years he has taught on Indian society and on religious anthropology in various French Universities and Institutes (National Institute of Oriental language and Civilizations, University Paris 7, University Paris 10), as well as at the Department of Anthropology and the Department of Religious Studies at Yale University (2007; 2008).

Management of research

- Co-organization of six four-yearly research programmes within the CEIAS: Violence and Non-Violence in India, with E. Meyer & D. Vidal (1988-91); Socio-Religious Practices and Sociological Modelizations, with J. Assayag (1991-3); Acculturation of Islam and Christianism in the Hindu World, with J. Assayag (1990-3); The Body in India, with V. Bouillier (1994-7); Hindu Rituals: Transfers and Transformations, with G. Colas (1997-2001); Childhoods in South Asia, with V. Bouillier and G. Colas (2005-[2009]).
- Convener (in collaboration) of six international seminars/conferences in Paris: Doors to Asia: the multiple heritages of Vasco de Gama, 1998, with Sanjay Subrahmaniam & Ines Zupanov; Changes through rituals, changes in rituals. The dynamics of socio-religious constructions in South & East Asia, 2000, with G. Colas & K.P. Köpping; The politics of authenticity. The case of modern and contemporary visual arts in India, 2001, with D. Vidal & Tapati Guha-Thakurta; Culture, Identity and Development, 2003, with Biswajit Das and F. Landy; Past as the Present. A Discourse on South Asian Society, 2003, with Badri Narayan and C. Servan-Schreiber; Conflicts, Law, and Constitutionalism, 2005, with Ranabir Samaddar.

Main positions

- 2002-2006: director of the Indo-French Programme of Cooperation in Social Sciences, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme (developed as South Asia Programme since 2004); in this capacity he organized the scientific exchange of about 100 South Asian scholars and 30 French scholars each year.
- 2006: in charge of the supervision of activities related to ethnology and social anthropology at the Central Direction of CNRS.
-  2006-2009: Member of the scientific committee of the “Asian Studies Network” (“Réseau Asie”).
- Since 2006: member of the Scientific Committee of the “Pole Asie”, evaluating the French Institutes in Asia managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
- Since 2008: member of the National Comittee of Scientific Research (section Anthropology and Sociology of Religions)

Main recent publications

2003 (ed. with D. Berti) Etnosistemi, 10 (special number : «Terra, territorio e società nel mondo indiano », English edition 2009 [Territory, Soil and Society in South Asia].
2003 English edition of Violence / Non violence. Some Hindu Perspectives ((ed. with D. Vidal and E. Meyer).
2005 (ed. with Ranabir Samaddar) Diogène, 212 (special number "Conflits et constitutions"), English edition 2006.[Conflict, Law and Constitutions].
2006 (ed. with G. Colas) Rites hindous : transferts et transformations, Paris, EHESS.
2007 (ed. with Ranabir Samaddar) Conflict, Power and the Landscape of Constitutionalism.