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Some Videos of the LASSnet Conference "Siting Law", Pune, Dec. 2010

This a resource provided by LASSnet: Law and Social Sciences Research Network

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Dear All,

We're happy to announce that the video recordings of the Law and Social Sciences Research Network Conference held in Pune in December 2010 are now available publicly. We've recorded a selection from the Plenary Sessions, the Memorial Panels and some of the other panels held at the conference to give people a sense of the diversity of discussions that happened over four days. The links are available on the website, and have been listed below at the end of this email.

Thanks to Maya, Dalia, and the students and faculty at FLAME who organised for many of the sessions to be recorded. Thanks also to Sebastian and Shubha for helping with the recordings. And of course, thanks to Pratiksha for pushing us to ensure that there is a record of this massive organisational effort that serves both as an archive and an inspiration to take this effort forward.

A little note on is an open, autonomous video archive that allows for dense textual annotation on videos. To see LASSnet videos, you can click here and see the list of various videos, or you can click on individual links provided below. This link leads to the info page about the videos. Clicking on the video thumbnail or changing view option to editor, leads to the entire video timeline. The video player on the left has a play button at the bottom, and the video should load easily on a decent broadband internet connection. By pressing 0 you can go to the next section or clip within the same video, by pressing 9 you can go backward. You can press H for help and other commands. allows for multiple levels of interaction with the video. On the info page, you can download the entire video via torrent, and on the timeline/editor page you can select in and out point and download a smaller section as a media file. This option is available in dropdown menu under Actions. You can also add comments, keywords, description and transcript to the text on the right side, by clicking on the + (plus) sign. allows for layering of comments, but not editing contributions made by others. For any help on doing any of this or other comments, please write to or to Zinnia at

It has not been possible to transcribe all the LASSnet videos though they have been annotated by keywords. Any volunteers who would like to transcribe one or many videos should contact us.

Hope you enjoy these videos!

Siddharth, Sruti, Namita, Raghu and the entire team


List of videos available

  • LASSnet 2010: Opening Session (Part 1): Inaugural Key Note- Varieties of Variance: Fractures and Fissures in the Great Pyramid. Marc Galanter, Niraja Gopal Jayal -

  • LASSnet 2010: Opening Session (Part 2): Plenary 1: Law, Violence and Exception. Milind Wakankar, Deepak Mehta, Anupama Rao, Naveeda Khan -

  • LASSnet 2010: Plenary 2 -Rule of Law: Insurgent Reason and Public Reason. Upendra Baxi, Kanak Mani Dixit, G. Haragopal -

  • LASSnet 2010: Plenary 3 - Broken Attachments: Envy, Hatred and Vengeance in Law. Veena Das, Jonathan Goldberg-Hiller, Nivedita Menon, Lawrence Liang -

  • LASSnet 2010: Closing Keynote - Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance. Sally Engle Merry, Shalini Randeria -
  • LASSnet 2010: Affective Leadership: Balagopal and the Reimagining of Judicial Activism, Human Rights and the State. Jinee Lokaneeta, Arvind Narrain, Ajay Gudavarthy, Sitharamam Kakarala, Anuj Bhuwania -

  • LASSnet 2010: Book Discussion: Subalternity and Religion: The Prehistory of Dalit Empowerment in South Asia by Milind Wakankar. Milind Wakankar, Deepak Mehta, Bhrigupati Singh, Anupama Rao -

  • LASSnet 2010: Courting the City: Law and the (Un)Making of Millennial Delhi. Gautam Bhan, Dalia Wahdan, Anuj Bhuwani, Awadhendra Sharan (presentation not in entirety) -

  • LASSnet 2010: Doing Legal Philosophy in India: Reflections on the Legacy of Chhatrapati Singh. Arudra Burra, Upendra Baxi, Sanil V., Navjyoti Singh, Rajeev Bhargava -

  • LASSnet 2010: Employment, Discrimination and the Law. Gayatri Singh, Maithreyi Mulupuru, Paul H. Merry, Tarunabh Khaitan -

  • LASSnet 2010: Fear, Secrets and Lies: The Uncanny World of Law after Media. Ravi Vasudevan, Ravi Sundaram (in absentia), Ranjani Mazumdar, Lawrence Liang -

  • LASSnet 2010: Law and its Publics: S. P. Sathe Memorial Panel. Kalyani Ramnath, Deepa Das Acevedo, Dipika Jain -

  • LASSnet 2010: Neelan Tiruchelvam and the Imagination of Southasian Constitutionalism. Veena Das, Arvind Narrain, Siddharth Narrain, R. Sudarshan, Kanak Mani Dixit -

  • LASSnet 2010: Religion and Constitutionalism in India. Sitharamam Kakarala, Arvind Narrain, Rohit De, Gilles Tarabout, Abhik Majumdar -

  • LASSnet 2010: The Paper Trail: Documentary Forms and Practices. Radhika Singha, Taringini Sriraman, Shrimoyee Nandini Ghosh, Bhavani Raman -

  • LASSnet 2010: Who’s AADHAAR is it anyway? Reflections on the UID debate. Usha Ramanathan, R. Ramakumar, Sahana Basavapatna, Subasri Krishnan -