ANR Programme 2009-2013
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A Joint Programme on Justice and Governance in India and South Asia
(Hosted by Centre for Himalayan Studies)

Kalyanakrishnan Sivaramakrishnan


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Kalyanakrishnan (Shivi) Sivaramakrishnan (Ph.D., Yale 1996) is Professor of Anthropology, Yale University. Sivaramakrishnan’s research interests span environmental history, political anthropology, cultural geography, development studies, and science studies. He has published widely in the leading journals of all these disciplines and inter-disciplinary fields, with a regional focus on south Asia, especially India. Over the last fifteen years much of Sivaramakrishnan’s research program has dealt with the colonial and contemporary history and anthropology of forests and wildlife conservation in eastern India. This interest has now expanded to include new research on law, high courts, and the environment in India in the twentieth century, and new writing on the environmental history of India from antiquity to the present. As part of this broad interest in environmental anthropology Sivaramakrishnan is preparing a synthetic and comparative book on postcolonial nature conservation in tropical Asia, Africa, and Latin America. His other research interests include regional and rural development in India, the postcolonial state in India, and related political and anthropological theorizations of the postcolonial state in comparative perspective.