Sept-Nov.2010, Pratiksha Baxi's lectures

Pratiksha Baxi was invited from Sept.1 to Nov.30 in Paris under the programme Hermèsmanaged by the Foundation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme. This programme is now part of the "Fernand Braudel -IFER fellowships (incoming) post-doctoral programme". For more information on the programme, see

Pratiksha Baxi has presented lectures during this period. A first seminar held on Sept.21 was a working session reserved for the members of the Just-India Project. Two other seminars were open:

  • Mock Trial: Law, Violence and Governance in the Aftermath of Gujarat (2002)
    October 28
  • Medicalisation of Consent and Falsity: The Figure of the Habitué in the Indian Rape Law
    November 8