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Audio / Video Documentation (links to other websites)

  • The Audiovisual Research Archives Program (ARA) is an ambitious programme of the FMSH (Foundation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris) for video recording and e-circulation of main scientific conferences, teachings, and interviews. ARA’s material covers all the human and social sciences and has an international focus on research, education, development, and intercultural dialogue. It is multilingual, with important contributions in English. In the domain of Justice and Governance, you may especially check the following video recordings:
    • Video recording of the International Conference "Conflict, Law, and Constitutionalism" organized by Ranabir Samaddar & Gilles Tarabout, Paris, 2005 Go to page
    • Video interview of Ajay K. Mehra (Paris, 2002)Citizen, Institution and Governance